Our Bakery

With our staff hard at work, we produce a variety of handmade baked goods from scratch. We are proud to have developed a number of unique recipes passed down from family and friends brining smiles to faces young and old! Whatever you fancy, we are sure you'll find something fresh out of the oven that will delight you!

Pie Table.jpg

homemade Pie

We pride ourself on the consistency, freshness and quality of our pies. Our famous pies start with homemade crusts and feature fruit from our garden picked at its peak ripeness or sourced from local farmers. We also offer a variety of cream pies and seasonal pumpkin and pecan pie. 

bread pudding

With its own original recipe developed in our kitchen, our bread pudding is always a crowd pleaser. Featuring original almond or rich chocolate, its hard not to enjoy our thick, moist bread pudding wether or not grandma's recipe was a good or bad memory. 

brownies & cookies

With a layer of cream cheese frosting, we though it would be fun to put a new twist on the classic brownie. We find that it helps lock in the moisture you look for. 

We also hand make a variety of cookies including chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, and peanut butter!