To cherish what remains on the earth and to foster it’s renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival
— Wendell Berry


The McQueen Family is a fourth generation farming family who have lived in the Central Valley of California for a half of century. But for Mick and Jeanette McQueen farming was not enough. Once they purchased their first property in Clements, CA in the early 90's, they developed a vision for a store which provided the public with local products that supported their own farming efforts and the livelihoods of others in their community. They further developed their passion to utilize their farm products in a kitchen in order to lessen waste of over ripe fruits and vegetables.

Since opening Clements Ridge in 2001, their farm has grown from only strawberries and table grapes to offering fresh blueberries, blackberries, boysenberries, raspberries, and an array of common garden vegetables like heirloom tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, red onions, string beans, sugar snap peas, and the list goes on.

Since its opening, Clements Ridge has blossomed into a staple for locals and must stop for those traveling to the mountains. The McQueens are humbled by the opportunities provided for them and grateful for all the wonderful relationships they have gained along the way.